How Does Content Get Rank in Google Search?


The key to getting your content to rank in Google Search is having a clear understanding of how Google finds, analyzes, and ranks your content.

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Getting your content to rank higher in Google search results depends on two things:

1. Build discovery (Crawling) and Relevance (indexing). By creating lots of high-quality content on the keyword you want to know for.

2. Figure authority (Ranking) by getting lots of high-quality links to your website. 

Let’s talk about three base stages – Discovery, Relevancy, and Authority. 

Those are the stages that cover how search engines work in a nutshell. Each of these three stages correlates with an action the search engine takes crawling, indexing, and ranking!

First is the Discovery stage. Search engine bots discover your content by crawling it. This means it discovers your website pages and takes note of all the content within it. 

Next is the Relevance stage. Search engine bots decide how relevant your content is by indexing it (grounded on signals like keywords).

The last one is the Authority stage. Google bots rank your content on the SERP page based on your website’s SEO authority. This means creating enough credibility through backlinks and other factors. Then Google Engine considers your site authoritative enough.

Authority impacts ranking strength. By comprising a library metaphor, we can explain how search engines pass ranking to content. We know Google is a giant library. You have a ton of books in a pile in front of you. And you need to find out where in the library these books need to be stored. This is a great way to think about how Google finds, analyzes, and ranks content.

Let’s know the three steps that Google uses to find, analyze, and rank content:

Step 1: Crawling/Discovery (Find the books)

Step 2: Indexing/Relevance (Categorize the books) 

Step 3: Ranking/Authority (Decide which books to feature).

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The first step is to find all these books. This is known as Google bot’s Crawling the content you are searching for. If a book isn’t in the stack to begin with or, you can’t see it, you won’t be able to put it on a shelf. That’s the Discovery stage. In the sense of a website, do you have a piece of content and can the search engines access it? 

The second step is to categorize the books, this is Indexing. The books in your library cover all sorts of topics like fiction, Science, History, Technology and so on! How do you sort them? This is where you assess the Relevance of a book to a topic by:

√ Looking at the title

√ Flipping through some pages

√ Seeing who the author is

√ And whether they’re known for writing around certain topics.

Search engine bots index content on a website in a similar way. 

The third step is figuring out which books to feature first, what should go on the bestseller shelf, and which book should be easier to find than others. And this is known about Ranking. The way you determine which books are most discoverable for visitors to your library is based on whether the books come from credible sources. So, how could you determine authority?

This is a subjective exercise. In the case of a book you could look for credible authors like Jane Austen, and George Eliot, those are authoritative sources.

The Authority is determined by:

  • The content is talked about often.
  • Or, The content is referred to often.
  • Or, content is cited in other works.

That’s what builds authority, and Google will rank your content in search results.

These three stages and actions are dependent on one another. If your content isn’t relevant, then it has little chance of ranking no matter how authoritative it is. If your website isn’t then it has little chance of ranking no matter how relevant it is.

Finally, your website can’t be discovered in the first place and has no chance of ranking at all. 

We hope this post will help you with understanding search engine behaviors. Like how it operates by discovering content, indexing it, and getting rank in Google Search Results.

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